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HUD Expands Program To Promote Innovations in Housing

HUD plans to expand the moving-to-work program to enable the communities to develop creative housing solutions and resident services.

March 29, 2024

Washington- The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman announced the expansion of the Moving to Work (MTW) demonstration Program after collaboration with Congress, advocates, and other industry groups. Moving to work, the demonstration program’s impact on administrative efficiency and resident services will be evaluated by 14 selected housing agencies. Moving-to-work programs offer flexibility to foster the creation of customized solutions to help residents and increase housing choices for families.

Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman said, “ We are committed to finding innovative solutions that increase and preserve our housing supply and empower families. With this expansion complete, we look forward to learning from these communities and applying the most promising and successful ideas to inform future policy and programs.”

The moving to work program allows housing agencies to devise and experiment with local strategies, encouraging innovation and creativity in policy and program design. It enables the development of solutions tailored to community needs, with a primary focus on serving the families.

HUD has entrusted the Federal Research Advisory Council with the responsibility to shape the policies evaluated by the five cohorts. This milestone will ensure that 139 Moving-to-work housing agencies will operate nationwide across 40 states and D.C. Around 17 states without prior moving-to-work housing agencies will now have access to flexibilities.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing Richard J. Monocchio said, “Well-performing housing agencies can take their operations to the next level with the administrative flexibility and the ability to be more creative in fulfilling their mission. It’s an exciting time at HUD. With this final cohort, we now have 100 additional housing agencies leading locally-designed housing innovations that will contribute to the Department’s cutting-edge policy development that can be scaled nationally.”

Moving to work, the demonstration program was first authorized by Congress in 1996. It is a demonstration program that allows housing agencies to redefine how they operate by giving them the desired flexibility so that they try out-of-the-box ideas that address local community needs in innovative ways. Moving to work housing agencies are trailblazers in driving innovation to deliver housing and other services to low-income residents. The program encourages entrepreneurial spirit to create housing solutions but in a new way. It’s been over 25 years that moving to work housing agencies has directly influenced the national policy making room for the future delivery of federally assisted housing.

The housing agencies selected for the Moving to Work Flexibility II Cohort include the following:

  • Staunton Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  • Pittston Housing Authority
  • Housing Authority of the City of Rochester
  • Portsmouth Housing Authority
  • Great Plains Housing Authority
  • Bath Housing Authority
  • Watertown Housing Authority
  • Kendall Housing Authority
  • Evansdale Municipal Housing Authority
  • Boca Raton Housing Authority
  • Seminole County Housing Authority
  • West Hartford Housing Authority
  • Boulder County Housing Authority
  • Livermore Housing Authority

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