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HUD To Fix Hazards In Housing During National Healthy Homes Month

The Department is throwing light on the significance of fixing hazards in homes to promote healthier living conditions which in turn provides safe housing to the residents throughout the country.

August 9, 2023

Washington- The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is raising awareness about the connection between housing quality and the health of residents during its promotion of National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM).

The theme of “Connecting Home, Health and You” is designed to educate families and communities about the importance of creating healthy homes. HUD is throwing light on the practices tenants and homeowners should opt to avoid home-based hazards such as improving ventilation, controlling pests, maintaining air quality, and reducing moisture and mold.

In addition to this, HUD is also coming up with a variety of new programs and funding opportunities to improve the health of residents of federally assisted properties. There is a need for a $550 Million investment to eliminate lead hazards.

The other funding details are as follows:

$700 Million in grants will be given to state and local governments for improving the health and safety of low-income households by HUD.
Around $50 Million will be given to assist communities in building the capacity to operate a full-scale healthy homes program.
The programs to be announced this summer include the Healthy Homes Production Grant Program and the Older Adult Home Modification Grant program.
Besides the ones stated above, HUD will also announce Combined Housing related hazards and lead-based paint capital fund. The fund will reduce residential health hazards in public housing.

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