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HUD’s Counties To Share Millions In Homeless Program Support

HUD’s counties will share the funds to prevent homelessness among people and address critical needs.

January 30, 2024

Nearly 32 Pennsylvania counties including Somerset, Blair, and Cambria received $23.7 Million in funds for VA homeless program to prevent homelessness.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded funds to the Eastern Pennsylvania Continuum of Care, a group formed across the state to address critical needs.
The homeless programs in Pennsylvania received $147 Million to support thousands of housing assistance efforts, homelessness support services, and planning initiatives.

However, it is still not known how funds will be distributed across the 32-county region from Cambria to the Poconos region.

HUD’s Regional Administrator Matthew Heckles said, “In the fight against homelessness, HUD’s Continuum of Care Program stands as the indispensable backbone, channeling a historic $3.16 billion to communities—a monumental commitment in the face of escalating homelessness rates nationwide”.

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