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Columbus Housing Authority Charged With Language-Based Discrimination

Columbus Housing Authority is being charged with discriminating against people based on race or national origin.

February 26, 2024

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is investigating the charges on the Columbus Housing Authority (CMHA).

The Housing Authority has several projects such as public housing and the Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program. These programs are not allowed to discriminate against people based on race or national origin. Instead, these programs are required to take steps to ensure language access to people with limited English proficiency.

HUD received a complaint from The Legal Aid Society of Southeastern and Central Ohio this month saying the Columbus Housing Authority has violated Title VI. But CMHA has denied all allegations.

The existing language access plan of the CMHA states that the housing authority will “translate all vital documents into Spanish, Somali” and other languages”.

The CMHA spokesperson revealed that the clients are notified about its translation services from placards and signs in CMHA offices. The housing authority’s website also offers a Google Translate Button for multiple languages and provides translated documents.

Still, the legal aid alleges that some crucial documents are missing.

Legal Aid Society of Columbus advocacy Director Ben Horne said, “It’s something that we had to address 10 years ago, and it’s disappointing that we’re almost back to the same space 10 years later”.

A housing fellow named Jesse Vogel hopes that it will result in solutions that in turn will improve accessibility for clients.

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