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Marcia L. Fudge To Resign, Says Housing is An American Issue

Marcia L. Fudge resigned from her position as HUD’s Secretary after serving decades in the Public Service and Congress.

March 11, 2024

Washington- The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary is resigning from her position and will step down this month. This announcement was made by the Secretary himself on Monday after serving for decades in public service.

Marcia L. Fudge said in an interview, “It’s time to go home. I do believe strongly that I have done just about everything I could do at HUD for this administration as we go into this crazy, silly season of an election.”

For nearly three years, Fudge has also served as a Cabinet Secretary. Not only this, she is also the second black woman heading the agency. Marcia L. Fudge, aged 71 said she is retiring from public life after serving decades in public service and decades in Congress.

The last day of Marcia L. Fudge as HUD’s Secretary will be March 22, 2024. As the campaign season heats up and President Biden is set to face off against Republican former president Donald Trump, she submitted her resignation.

She commented on affordable housing and said that it should be a priority for both Republicans as well as Democrats. She said, “It is not a red or blue issue. Everybody knows that it is an issue so it’s not a one-sided issue. It’s an American issue.’’

During her tenure at the agency, she made efforts to improve its role in supporting families in need, helping homeless people, and improving the economic development in communities. Biden also gave her a thumbs-up while announcing her resignation:

Biden’s statement reads, “Over the past three years she has been a strong voice for expanding efforts to build generational wealth through homeownership and lowering costs and promoting fairness for America’s renters. Thanks to Secretary Fudge, we’ve helped first-time homebuyers, and we are working to cut the cost of renting. And there are more housing units under construction right now than at any time in the last 50 years.”

The main concern of Fudge is the lack of funding for the work needed to be done such as building more affordable housing and repairing the age-old public housing developments.
She wanted the investment of more than $3 Billion to improve the appearance of Public Housing and Multifamily Housing. Fudge wanted Congress to approve permanent funding to help communities hit by disasters as HUD helps such communities with long-term recovery.

Fudge said, “We’re making incremental changes, but we need to make bigger changes and we need to make them faster. We’re doing everything we can with the resources we’ve got.”

Fudge is one of the high-profile members of Biden’s cabinet to step down. Compared to the six latest administrations, Biden’s Cabinet has experienced record-level stability.

Fudge believes that when one is in such roles, one goes to the top. Fudge along with others deserves recognition for turning an organization that nobody had faith into before.

Marcia L. Fudge has always encouraged public and private partnerships to build more affordable housing. Besides this, she used her platform to drive more attention towards the needs of unhoused people.

Fudge while announcing her resignation said, “The people HUD serves are those who are often left out and left behind. These are my people. They serve as my motivation for everything we have been able to accomplish.”

She also visited Los Angeles County in California several times to bring attention to homeless people over there in front of Congress and throw light on issues such as disparities in home appraisals.

The main focus is on the people who have no place to live, especially the black people. She said, “When you live in the richest country in the world, nobody should sleep on a bench or the street or under a bridge. It’s just a tragedy.’’

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