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Secretary Vilsack Comments on President’s Fiscal Year 2025 Budget

President Biden has released its fiscal year 2025 budget and Secretary Tom Vilsack is making comments on it.

March 11, 2024

The President’s budget for FY2025 was released recently by the Biden-Harris administration. With nearly 15 Million jobs created and inflation down to two-thirds, there has been historic progress since the President took office. The budget released builds on this progress only by lowering costs for working families, investing in the American people, protecting Social Security and Medicare, cutting down wasteful spending, and making wealthy corporations pay their share.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “Looking ahead to 2025, it is critically important that USDA’s programs, staff, and facilities are funded adequately to live up to its moniker ‘The People’s Department.’ The President’s budget proposal honors this commitment and enhances the opportunities available for millions of Americans, including in rural communities. Whether it’s the pay raises our firefighters deserve for their brave service, making sure infants and kids have access to nutritious foods, or investing in rural prosperity through housing and business capital, the Biden-Harris Administration will continue to ensure people can find success in the places they call home.”

The President’s Budget aims to make investments in the American people to promote greater prosperity for the decades to come. Here are some crucial things regarding the President’s Fiscal Budget 2025:

Support strong nutrition safety net- Women, infants, and children must have healthy, nutritious food on their table as this enables them to have better maternal health outcomes. The budget proposes $7.7 Billion for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) to make sure that the program can serve all eligible pregnant women, mothers, infants, and children whosoever apply for the food assistance.

Combat climate crisis via conservation of lands- A total of $6 Billion is allocated for effective land management decisions on National Forest Lands in partnerships with tribal nations, local communities, and landowners. The underlying conditions of drought will be addressed impacting the productivity of farms and forests throughout the country. Taking action on climate adaptation, conservation, and ecological resilience not only has immediate environmental benefits but also offers long-term financial advantages to taxpayers by reducing the escalating federal costs associated with climate change.

Improve rural communities and lower energy costs- The President’s budget includes $2.3 Billion in B&I loan guarantees which in turn will ensure the availability of credit by giving loans to lenders for rural businesses. This program will improve the economic health of rural communities by increasing access to business capital via loan guarantees to provide financing for businesses in rural areas. Besides this, the President has also invested in a program that reduces energy costs for rural communities including $1 Billion for energy loan guarantees and $53 Million in zero-interest loans for the rural energy savings program.

Modernize the wildland fire workforce- President Biden invested $386 Million for investments in the Forest Service’s wildland fire workforce to ensure compensation via permanent pay reform, increase workforce capacity, improve government housing, and provide health and well-being assistance. These investments bring to light President Biden’s commitment to ensure that wildland fighters receive proper wages for their health and wellness.

Options for individuals and families in Rural America to call home- The President has allocated $1.7 Billion to support its action plan and help renters who are struggling with high rental costs to build and preserve rental housing for low-income families. This funding is expected to help around 3000 eligible tenants so that they can pay their rent via Rural Development’s Rental Assistance Program.

Provide tools and equipment to farmers and ranchers- The Budget proposes a $3.8 billion investment to enhance research, education, and economics programs. The main aim of this investment is to provide American farmers, producers, industry, and communities with advanced scientific tools and innovative solutions. Besides this, doing so will support the nourishment and well-being of people, sustain the country’s agroecosystems and natural resources, and ensure the economic competitiveness and excellence of American agriculture.

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