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USDA To Improve Rural Communities With New Jobs And Improved Infrastructure

The economic growth resulting from the new jobs and infrastructure development by USDA will benefit more than two Million people.

August 15, 2023

Washington- USDA is coming forward to assist rural communities across eight states and Puerto Rico to address their needs and foster long-term economic growth.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “President Biden’s Investing in America agenda provides a historic opportunity to transform our economy from one that benefits a few to one that benefits many”. The loans and grants will be provided to the rural communities and tribes by USDA to access well-paying jobs, improved infrastructure, affordable housing, and quality health care.

With the help of the allocated funds, 52 projects in total will be supported in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and West Virginia. Besides this, there are some projects which will benefit people outside communities in Alabama, Texas, and Florida.

The funds given to the West will help tribal communities to improve water and wastewater services and bring other forms of renewable energy to tribal lands. Access to fresh foods will be provided in high-poverty areas and allow cooperatives to connect people with technology. The new investments made in water, affordable housing, and healthcare services will benefit the residents.

Rural Partners Network (RPN) is a government program to address the needs of the communities that do not have access to government programs and funding.
USDA will award $394 Million for the benefit of RPN communities and support their vision of strong economies.

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USDA to Bring New Jobs and Improved Infrastructure to Rural Partners Network Communities | USDA

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