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Agriculture Deputy Secretary To Visit WIC Clinic

The Deputy Secretary took a tour of the WIC clinic which allows the mothers to buy nutritious foods for their children and fulfill their needs.

December 8, 2023

Under the Women, Infants, and Children or WIC Program, Onondaga County is assisting more than 19,000 families but to keep it operating, long-term federal funding is required. The U.S. The Agriculture Deputy Secretary took a tour of the local WIC Clinic operated by Onondaga County. The clinic allows the mothers to buy nutritional foods for their children.

Xochitl Torres said, “And that’s why WIC must receive full funding because as we work to increase the number of eligible people participating in WIC, we need to make sure the funds are there so that people aren’t waiting on wait lists to get that baby formula or those fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Torres also revealed that President Biden is committed to investing in young children. She gives full credit to the WIC program here as well as across the country with a high success rate.

New York State has successfully enrolled an additional 28,000 individuals into the WIC program over the past two years, according to a statement. Currently, the Department of Agriculture reports that 6.7 million mothers and their children are enrolled in the program. Nevertheless, child poverty rates in Syracuse remain among the highest in the country.

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