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Delays In SNAP Benefits Force Government To Take Action

SNAP recipients are waiting for long to get their SNAP Benefits which in turn has forced the government to take action.

February 6, 2024

Due to extensive delays in processing SNAP applications, authorities in Colorado have been subjected to a corrective action plan by the federal government. This issue has resulted in some of America’s most vulnerable populations being left without access to their benefits.

The federal government is entrusted with the responsibility of funding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments distributed nationwide by state and county authorities. According to the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, all eligible households must receive SNAP benefits within 30 days of their application.

However, the benefit recipients are complaining about having to wait much longer than expected due to slow processing times in several counties that are the worst in the U.S. The problem has become so bad that the USDA has come forward to take action.

From now onwards, the state has to submit regular reports to the government outlining how the services are improving.

The data revealed that some counties are only processing just a quarter of SNAP renewals within the federally mandated time frame. From December 2022 through October, Pueblo County only renewed 26% of applications within a 30-day time period. Similar is the case with El Paso County. In Jefferson County, only 50% of the applications have been given a decision. According to USDA, 74% of SNAP applications in Colorado are processed on time. The federal government gives the funds for SNAP but the responsibility for dishing it out is to officials in 64 counties within Colorado.

Colorado is not the only state that is struggling to administer benefits on time. The recipients in Tennessee are waiting for months for their applications to be approved as introducing a new processing system led to a huge backlog of applications.

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