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Georgia To Start Taking New Applications For Housing Subsidy Vouchers

 Georgia is going to start taking applications for the housing choice voucher program and place the people in suitable housing. 

October 10, 2023

The Georgians residents can start applying for housing subsidies for the first time since 2021 in 149 counties. 

Last week, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs announced to take up the online applications for the Housing Choice Voucher program commencing from October 17 to October 20. 

The Housing Choice Voucher Program also known as Section 8 provides money to low-income families so that they can rent a house. However, the voucher is only available to those families whose income is less than the median income established by the state. Depending on the rent, some portion of the rent will be paid by the voucher. 

As long as the family complies with the program’s rules, the funding will go on. Once the state determines the eligibility, it will use a lottery system to rank using which the recipients will receive assistance. 

The state is planning to enroll 5,000 applicants. The waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher program has 728 individuals at present. The people on the waiting list will be placed in suitable housing in the coming months. 

In the 2021-2022 year, the agency has placed around 633 applicants. In 2021, the list was closed because of the high number of people already waiting. 

People who do not have access to the internet can reach out to the agency for help or call the toll-free number. 

The state-run voucher program doesn’t include Bibb, Chatham, Clayton, Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton, Glynn, Muscogee, Richmond, and Sumter counties as these areas operate their own local voucher initiatives.

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