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HUD To Approve Changes To Housing Choice Voucher Program To Come Up With Homelessness Solutions In Los Angeles

HUD has approved some changes in the housing choice voucher program to end homelessness and help low-income people.

September 1, 2023

Los Angeles housing authorities have received approval from HUD to modify the admission requirements for their Housing Choice Voucher Program. This decision will make it easier for them to assist individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge stated that supporting communities in their efforts to end homelessness is a top priority for HUD. With the crisis of homelessness in Los Angeles, this modification will allow housing authorities to help individuals access the assistance they need to transition from temporary housing or the streets to stable, affordable homes.

Housing Choice Vouchers play a crucial role in federal, state, and local strategies to address homelessness by providing seniors and low-income individuals with rental housing in the private market. With this waiver, housing authorities in Los Angeles can issue vouchers to people experiencing homelessness and verify their income from third-party sources.

In 2020, HUD awarded over 7,400 new housing choice vouchers to HACLA and LACDA, including 5,300 emergency vouchers for those experiencing homelessness. HUD has also approved seven waiver requests to ensure more individuals can access housing choice vouchers.

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