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HUD’s Housing Trust Fund Program Spends $232,000 To Create An Affordable Housing Unit

Nearly one housing unit is using around $232,000 funds to create one-bedroom apartments. 

September 12, 2023

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designed to build and preserve affordable housing spent $232,000 for one-bedroom apartments. 

According to a new report, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Trust Fund Program needs better oversight. As per the report, the grantees of the Housing Trust Fund had developed 2186 rental units for people with low incomes. The rest of the Housing Trust Fund Program will go to another 519 projects with an estimate of 6646 units for low-income households. 

The report revealed that for the 12 chosen grantees, the Housing Trust Fund contributed roughly 10% of the total funds for 70 finalized projects. The primary funding source was equity from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits investors.

Around 41% of the units created via this program were one-bedroom units and 16% were smaller efficiency units with a single room.

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