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Instacart To Expand Online SNAP Acceptance To Reach Households

Instacart is allowing SNAP families and households to shop for groceries online and get same-day delivery.

January 30, 2024

San Francisco- The leading grocery technology company in North America named Instacart announced a series of retail expansions to allow customers to use Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to shop groceries online for same-day delivery from Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Food City, Gordon Food Service, City Market, Dillons, and QFC.

With these new retail expansions, groceries will become more accessible to SNAP families which in turn will allow them to save time and maximize budgets. Instacart is offering online SNAP acceptance in more than 14000 stores and plans to reach 96% of households in the U.S.

Online grocery shopping has immense benefits for low-income households and SNAP families such as extending food budgets, maximizing time savings, and reducing stress. One study revealed that individuals who shopped grocery online shopped more than in-store shoppers.

Sarah Mastrorocco of Instacart Health said, “We’re committed to offering families access to fresh food through an accessible and affordable online shopping and delivery experience. By expanding with retailers, we’re giving SNAP families greater dignity of choice, and helping many experience – for the first time – the convenience of having groceries from these retailers delivered to their doorstep”.

Customers can simply add their SNAP payment card to their Instacart profile to use SNAP benefits to shop from more than 170 retail banners. SNAP users can select how much of the benefit they would like to allocate to eligible items in the order at checkout.

Instacart provides a discounted Instacart membership for SNAP participants, offering them access to same-day delivery and pickup from over 1,400 retail banners nationwide. Those who have used an EBT SNAP card on Instacart are eligible for a 50% discount on Instacart for 12 months. The Instacart membership includes free delivery and pickup for orders above $35, a 5% credit back on eligible pickup orders, and reduced service fees on all orders.

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