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Low-Income Families To Receive Up To $500 Off On Heating Bill

Low-income families who are struggling to pay their heating bills can receive discounts and assistance to pay their bills.

December 28, 2023

Low-income families may be eligible for $500 off their heating bill through a federal program. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is administered through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The interested ones can receive the much-needed assistance now as the window is open.

Media relations administrator of the Department of Human Services, Casey White said, “The maximum benefit is $500 but that benefit is based on household size and income, so not everyone will get $500. They would get credit if their bill is not the full amount because the goal is to apply the amount to their total season cost.”

The funds for the LIHEAP program are provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The LIHEAP benefits have specific maximum monthly gross income thresholds based on household size. For a one-person household, the maximum is $1,580; for two people, it’s $2,137; for three people, $2,694; for four people, $3,250; for five people, $3,807; six people, $4,364; seven people, $4,921; and for a household of eight, the maximum income is $5,478.

Oklahoma families received $14 Million in Low income for the heating assistance program last year. LIHEAP also offers summer assistance which subsidizes cooling bills in the summer. LIHEAP offered $31 Million to Oklahomans for the summer program last year.

Casey White said, “I’m sure because that’s because of the longer duration of summer periods in Oklahoma, it’s much warmer here than in other states”.

The states as well as tribal nations offer LIHEAP programs around the country. The citizens who are enrolled in the program can receive LIHEAP benefits either from the state or from the tribal government.

The program plans to benefit families who need assistance at this time. Casey White believes that anything people can do to keep others warm and safe should be done. She feels grateful to offer this assistance to needy families and keep them warm.

The persons who are applying for the LIHEAP assistance should have the recent heating bill information along with their ID, Social Security number, and income proof.

Nearly 123 customers have reported receiving low-income discounts for their utility bills. These individuals have brought in all the paperwork required by the authorities to confirm that these people qualify for the discounts.

Previch explains that a customer’s natural gas bill is influenced by two main factors: the amount of natural gas used and the price of the natural gas, which usually constitutes 55%-75% of the bill. He notes that the cost of natural gas has decreased compared to the previous year, with December’s cost being 35% lower than a year ago. Additionally, he highlights that weather, particularly colder temperatures, is a significant factor affecting natural gas costs, as it leads to increased usage among customers.

He also recommended that customers should set the temperature of the water heater to 120 degrees to reduce bills.

The ones finding it difficult to pay their bill can visit the official website to learn about the available resources and can apply for aid.

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