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Patchogue Women Founds Her EBT Card Empty

A woman in Patchogue found that the EBT card given to her to buy groceries was empty even before she could use it.

February 7, 2024

A woman in East Patchogue says that the Electronic Balance Transfer card was empty before she could use it to buy groceries.

Catherine Casaletto reported that her Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card was declined twice due to having no funds.

Upon contacting New York State’s fraud hotline, she discovered her SNAP benefits were spent in the Bronx, a location she has no association with. Facing a lack of funds for food, Casaletto is urgently seeking assistance from the state.

Casalleto said, “They need to find out whose doing it, they need to reimburse us – not a year from now. What are people going to do for February for food?”

The police in Suffolk County revealed that someone reported a similar fraud claim. Every week, 250 complaints are reported and sent to New York state.

The victims of such fraud can file a complaint on the official website of the state.

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They need to reimburse us.’ East Patchogue woman says her EBT card was empty before using it (

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