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Tenants Say “The Place Is Garbage”, And Demands Action

The tenants of the two multifamily complexes suffered deplorable conditions and deemed the place as total garbage. 

October 6, 2023

The tenants belonging to two multifamily complexes are demanding action alleging that they faced abusive evictions and uninhabitable conditions. 

On Monday morning, fifteen tenants of the Redford and Cabo San Lucas apartment complexes marched to the Houston Housing Authority and signed a letter of demand. The tenants have formed the group and want to improve their living conditions and prevent evictions. 

The tenants say that the apartments are in the worst condition as the giant gaping holes are in the ceiling and falling out. Besides this, the toilets are filled with rats and roaches. 

The tenants in both buildings are in deplorable condition and are receiving improper evictions after the Houston Housing Authority placed them there. The Houston Housing Authority is not in charge of managing the complex but is concerned about the conditions reported by the tenants. 

Houston Housing Authority said, “We are committed to assisting our clients to ensure their units are inspected and meet the quality standard of habitable and sanitary conditions”. 

One of the four apartment complexes lost via foreclosure in April was The Redford. Texas Housers observed an unusually high number of evictions filed at Cabo San Lucas, with 120 cases filed in July. Additionally, Redford filed about 30 eviction cases in the same month and had a history of filing numerous evictions in the preceding months.

The Houston Housing Authority is working diligently to help assisted families secure safe housing and improve their safety and well-being. Its primary focus is to figure out such housing solutions that tend to benefit both clients and communities it serves. 

Rapid Re-Housing program provides short-term rental assistance for homeless people. Myles was placed at The Redford via this program only. Myles says that she has been the victim of crimes so many times during her stay at this complex such as being held at knifepoint.

Myles said that the place is total garbage and that she wants to get out of it at any cost to improve her overall well-being. 

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