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Rental Board To Release New Forms, Section 8 and Rental Housing Guidance

The rental board is releasing the guidance to help tenants, landlords, and stakeholders figure out which amendment applies to them.

December 12, 2023

A letter was released by the Pasadena Rental Housing Board (PRHB) to clarify frequently asked questions by tenants and property managers about government-subsidized rental housing and protections under the Fair and Equitable Housing Charter Amendment.

The main purpose of issuing this guidance is to help landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders determine which provisions of the Charter Amendment apply to their situation.

The information included in the letter includes cases where Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher recipients live in multifamily apartment buildings where all other tenancies are covered by rent stabilization, then the Section 8 voucher recipient is also covered. Besides this, the Section 8 voucher recipient is entitled to the just cause predictions for the recipients who reside in a single-family home.

Rent increases for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher tenancies covered by rent stabilization provisions should be based on the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) applied to the entire Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract rent, not just the tenant’s portion of the rent. Furthermore, these tenancies cannot have their rent increased more than once within a twelve-month period, as per the Charter Amendment.

Moreover, there is no applicable federal or state law of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program that exempts rental units subsidized with Section 8 project-based vouchers. It means that those tenants are protected by Pasadena rent control.

The letter also includes instructions on how to communicate with housing counselors and the information residents need to include in emails to speed up the process.

While the board is working to fully staff up its program, the public is advised to allow at least 48-72 hours of response. The other information for tenants and landlords is included in a Notice to Tenants of BuyOut Negotiation.

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Rental Board Releases New Forms, Section 8 and Government-Subsidized Rental Housing Guidance – Pasadena Now

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