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Congress Members To Push San Diego To Give More Housing Vouchers

The request to give housing vouchers to homeless veterans comes after hundreds of vouchers were not able to reach people in need.

December 13, 2023

Four members of Congress are asking the Veterans Affairs Office to issue more housing vouchers due to rising homelessness among people in the military.

The request comes after the data was published revealing that hundreds of vouchers failed to reach those who needed them. The key is to ensure that no voucher goes unused.

An agency spokesperson revealed that they were addressing the problem from multiple angles such as boosting outreach through a partnership with the non-profit people assisting the homeless.

Scott Gomer said, “VA San Diego is here to support Veterans whether they are currently unhoused or at risk”.

The Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing Program (VASH) covers a portion of rent and is known to significantly reduce homelessness among veterans. Still, there are several people lined up on the streets.

The data reveals that nearly 40% of the VASH vouchers in San Diego County went unused last year. The county had 950 vouchers but there were not more than 613 households in the program.

Local officials spoke about the number of bottlenecks in the system such as the region’s tough rental market. It was asked in the letter how many veterans have applied for vouchers but have not received them, including the average number of times it requires them to find housing.

A U.S. Army veteran named Tracy Vaughan received a voucher last month and was excited to search for a place but was concerned about her background. She was raped by fellow soldiers two years ago which led her to alcoholism, trauma, and homelessness. She was living in a village but wanted to have an apartment. She got the Good News that the apartment was open and she moved.

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