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Dauphin County Housing Authority To Re-open Housing Choice Voucher Program

Dauphin County Housing Authority is reopening its housing choice voucher program and is doing things differently this year than in 2019.

December 13, 2023

Dauphin County- The Housing Choice Voucher Program lottery waitlist is open for the ones looking out for Section 8 Housing.

Executive Director of Dauphin County Leah Eppinger said, “We are in a world where people need more affordable housing”.

After closing the list more than a decade ago, Dauphin County is reopening its waiting list for the housing choice voucher program.

Eppinger said, “I always recommend that if people need housing, they should apply to anything open that is their best and fastest chance of getting housing”.

The housing authority received more than 100,000 applications in 2009 but things are going to be different this year. The housing authority is making use of a lottery waitlist.

Eppinger said that their main concern is to be equitable by making this lottery system.
Consequently, it doesn’t matter if you applied first or last as everyone has the same chance of getting on the waitlist.

At present, Dauphin County Housing Authority operates more than 700 public housing units but they are only accepting 1000 people for the waitlist this year.

Eppinger said, “We know it took more than 90 days to find a unit in the past pre pandemic it took closer to 15 to 20 days to find a new unit so we can tell that things are taking longer and that’s just due to the increased need but also the decreased availability of the unit”.

Thursday is the last day to apply and the ones selected will be notified by the next week.

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