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Housing Department Proposes Updates To Housing Choice Voucher

For the first time in 10 years, the housing choice voucher waitlist is open to help people secure affordable housing.

January 8, 2024

Loudoun County along with Community Development has proposed updates to the housing choice voucher program administrative plan. The plan dictates the county’s policies and procedures for carrying out the rental assistance program funded by the federal government. If the plan gets approved, then the revised plan will provide greater access to affordable housing in Loudoun.

The plan will only be approved if HUD and the Board of Supervisors give their approval. The proposed changes will be reviewed by the supervisors at a public hearing on January 10.

Last, the plan was revised in 2013 but it is the industry standard to update it every five years. The changes in the revised plan will include federal and local policy updates along with the County’s unmet housing needs strategic plan adopted by supervisors in 2021.

One significant impact of the revisions will be that the department will be able to open the voucher waitlist for the first time in a decade.

Hall said, “It’s going to increase access to affordable housing for a lot of our residents for the simple reason that … our waiting list from 10 years ago has been exhausted. We’ve now completely exhausted the previous people who signed up over 10 plus years ago, maybe even 12 years ago.”

There will also be separate waitlists for different vouchers. Instead of having one waitlist, there will be separate waitlists for special-purpose vouchers.

The project-based voucher program, managed by HCD, offers rental assistance to households in specific housing developments, with 63 units across seven developments currently participating. Each development maintains its own waitlist, enabling applicants to choose specific properties.

This program targets households with incomes at or below 50% of the area median income. For a family of four in Loudoun County, this threshold is $75,350 as per HUD guidelines.

Approximately 600 households are currently receiving rental assistance through this program. The department covers 70% of the rent based on fair market standards, while the residents are responsible for paying no more than 30% of their household income towards rent.

The department opened preliminary applications for the voucher program in October which allowed the residents to submit applications to join the waitlist.

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