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HUD To Give $2 Million To Birmingham To Expand Housing Vouchers

HUD is planning to increase the housing choice vouchers for the residents of the Birmingham district and provide them the much-needed assistance.

November 28, 2023

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced to give more than $2.1 Million to the housing authority of Birmingham District to expand the subsidized housing vouchers.

The Birmingham Housing Authority will allocate funds to expand housing options for approximately 530 families with children through the Section 8 program. The expansion aims to provide access to opportunity neighborhoods characterized by high-performing schools, job prospects, low crime rates, parks, and other amenities.

The $2,119,900 funding is part of seven HUD Housing Mobility-Related Services awards. Other public housing agencies in Dallas, Boston, Houston, Hartford, Seattle, and Milwaukee also received awards, totaling over $24.5 million. These awards are aimed at improving housing mobility and related services.

The Housing Choice Vouchers allow families to choose their own neighborhood. The recipients redeeming the housing choice vouchers can face obstacles while doing so such as landlord’s unwillingness to rent to voucher holders, or limited time to find a housing unit. Fortunately, families are assisted with landlord participation by the mobility-related services program.

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