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Milwaukee Housing Authority Plans To Outsource Section 8 Housing

Milwaukee Housing Authority is planning to outsource the section 8 housing application to another party to improve its effectiveness.

January 26, 2024

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The housing authority of the city of Milwaukee (HACM) has been under review by HUD for the last year. The HUD report reveals that the housing authority was at risk for fraud and mismanaged Millions of dollars. HUD also said that some of the programs of the housing authority were troubled in May 2023.

One resident said, “We pay our rent, we deserve better, you know, better treatment”.

HUD is asking the housing authority of Milwaukee to hire an outside agency and run its Million-dollar housing choice voucher division including Section 8 housing. There are nearly 6000 voucher households.

From now onwards, the outside firm will manage and operate the entire program. One resident explained, “That’s a good idea because Willie Hines is doing nothing for us. We constantly ask him about certain things, and he brushes it off as if we don’t matter”.

Now, an outside agency will be running Section 8 housing applications in the city. The mayor’s spokesperson accused Rae in an email and said him biased.

The 40-page Request for Proposal (RFP) mandates that the vendor develop a management plan tackling various issues. This includes enhancing program performance and compliance, as well as boosting customer service for a range of stakeholders. These stakeholders comprise applicants, participants, landlords, the HACM Board of Commissioners, the City of Milwaukee, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), other relevant parties, and the general public.

Vendor’s responsibilities are also listed such as managing the wait lists of tenants along with new admissions, planning moves for tenants, inspections, landlord and tenant services, quality assurance and quality control, program compliance and the list goes on.

HUD wants the new company to go through every single participant in the housing choice voucher program and make the much-needed corrections.

The new firm will take over in an initial five-year contract along with an option to extend to an additional three years.

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