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San Diego Housing Commission Approves Of Illegal Rent Hikes

The San Diego Housing Commission has approved the illegal rent hikes and the wait to get into housing is increasing day by day.

November 21, 2023

San Diego- San Diego is home to around 10,000 unsheltered people and the wait to get into low-income housing is getting longer and longer.

Francine Maxwell said, “Section 8 vouchers were not created to make you wait for ten to fifteen years to get help”.

Francine Maxwell serves as the chair for Black Men and Women United San Diego. The group filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Housing Commission saying that it is approving rent hikes that exceed the annual cap of 10%.

Maxwell said, “You’ve had the same rent for maybe six years, and then all of a sudden, someone says in the next two months, I’m going to give you an almost 15% increase nobody can afford that in this economy”.

A tenant having the federal housing voucher pays nearly 30% of his income as rent and the rest is paid out of federal money to the landlord. The lawsuit also brings to light that more than 40,000 low-income men, women, and children rely on the housing choice voucher program to avoid homelessness.

It undermines the purpose of the Section 8 Voucher Program which ensures that low-income residents can obtain and maintain stable housing.

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