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AAHRA Holds Spring Workshop To Provide Decent Housing To Alabama Residents

HUD in collaboration with AAHRA holds a spring workshop to provide safe and decent housing to the residents of Alabama.

March 22, 2023

The spring workshop was held by the Alabama Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities (AAHRA) on March 21. The workshop was attended by hundreds of public housing staff. Besides this, the attendees were also provided with essential training and updates.

The opening remarks were made by the Alabama Field Office Director, Kenneth Free. The attendees had the option of pursuing different tracks in the workshop. The fair housing training was provided by Shirlyn Garner, P&C Director for Alabama. Velma Byron, Alabama PH Director provided the information on public housing updates and collaboration opportunities for PHAs. The RAD program was also discussed by Monette Johnson, Asset Resolution specialist.

AAHRA makes sure to provide safe and decent housing for the low-income citizens of Alabama. HUD is looking forward to working with them in the future.

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