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Alabama Field Office Director To Take A Tour Of New Affordable Housing On Earth Day

Alabama Field office director along with other officials will take a tour of the new housing on Earth Day and throw light on how these are better than the old homes.

April 26, 2022

Alabama HUD field office director Kenneth Free along with Lisa McCaroll, toured a new affordable housing concept and community on Friday April 22, on Earth Day.

The project depicts the modern and environment-friendly approach to creating affordable housing and is known as Live on 1st. Birmingham’s historic North Titusville neighborhood welcomes three newly constructed state-of-the-art and high-quality homes.

The newly designed homes will be 15% more efficient than the new construction code and will also exceed the minimum requirements of Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood Builder Program. With these houses, the residents will be able to save $900 a year on energy costs compared to the old homes in Birmingham.

Kenneth Free said, “We’re impressed with the energy efficiency of their project as the cost of housing rises projects like this necessary. This is the first model of affordable housing I have seen which comes equipped with an electric car charger”.

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