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CDBG-DR To Provide Funds For Enhancing Resilience In Affordable Housing And Medical Facilities

The Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program provides funding for the implementation of green energy solutions to enhance resilience in affordable housing and medical facilities.

August 10, 2023

Hurricanes and natural disasters in Puerto Rico are common as individuals always prepare themselves to weather these storms by reinforcing homes, gathering non-perishable foods, and family safety plans. This resilience is deeply ingrained in the Caribbean culture, exemplified by two recent disaster recovery projects—Sabana Village Apartments and the Puerto Rico Medical Center Micro-Grid. These projects were recently inspected by a delegation comprising Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Marion McFadden (PDAS) from the HUD Office of Community Planning and Development, Rosanna Torres, Advisor on Puerto Rico Affairs from the Office of the Secretary, Efraín Maldonado, San Juan Field Office Director, and Laura Rivera, Coordinating Officer for Disaster Recovery.

Located in the Capital city of San Juan, Sabana Village is an affordable housing project that recently underwent a renovation to include green building elements such as solar panels, storm-resistant facade elements, and energy-efficient appliances,with $10 Million in CDBG-DR funding. A long-time HUD partner and developer named Lucha Contra el SIDA developed many affordable housing projects and looks after emergency housing shelters and programs focusing on HIV/AIDS Patients and homeless individuals.

The HUD leadership team was also present when the agreement was signed between the government of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Department of Energy for constructing electric microgrids for Centro Medico during its visit to the Island’s main public hospital Centro Medico in San Juan. With an allocation of $1.3 Million for the project’s administration, this is the first project of the energy reliability and resiliency program which is funded by CDBG-DR funds. The main medical services center for trauma cases in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is Centro Medico as it shelters the medical science campus of Puerto Rico University.

Some countless hospitals and services failed due to the lack and inconsistency of electricity post-Hurricanes which in turn resulted in deaths. Consequently, the Centro Medico Microgrid will increase the reliability of hospitals and enable savings in the cost of electrical energy.

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