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Du And Associates Organize Preventative Maintenance Training To Improve HUD’s Performance

Preventative maintenance training will be organized by PHAs and Du and Associates to help HUD achieve its goals and improve its performance.

February 2, 2022

The preventative maintenance training conducted last October by Du and Associates for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) within the Southeast network under a technical assistance contract for substandard and near substandard PHA’s in Alabama. This training can be easily viewed at the HUD exchange by the HUD employees and the public. This clearly illustrates that HUD’s resources are efficiently and effectively utilized to improve PHA performance and meet the priority goals of HUD. The successful training of Birmingham’s Field Office was attributed to Debra Bean, Division Director.

Preventive Maintenance Planning is crucial to reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns as it is a program of inspections, routine upkeep, and capital projects. The asset’s value is also preserved by these inspections which in turn provides a quality housing experience for the Alabama residents.

Du & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm owned by a minority woman that specializes in providing various services to the affordable housing industry. These services include asset management, contract administration, underwriting, financial assistance, and more.

Interested rural housing providers, and nonprofits in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia can apply for the next housing preservation academy.

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