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Erick In Hartford Found A Beautiful Apartment To Live In Despite Challenges

Erick got housed in an apartment with the help of emergency housing vouchers via the American Rescue plan.

February 9, 2022

Housing was an urgent need for the greater Hartford resident named Erick. Having no family to support, Erick was homeless and used to live on the streets. For quite a time, he was living in the tent outside as his previous apartment where he was fearful of continuing living in the apartment because he was robbed in it.

Finding secure housing for Erick became next to impossible because of the number of pending court cases with probation mandates. He started to lose faith in finding a place to live as he was turned down by five landlords. Consequently, he wanted to move to a country setting because of his love for nature and his urge to make a fresh start.

Fortunately, Erick received a new lease on life and was one of the 50 residents to receive emergency house vouchers via the American Rescue Plan and a network of local agencies. HUD distributed 50 housing choice vouchers in June 2021. Out of the 50 vouchers, 31 participants are living in the house and the rest 19 are still on the lookout for suitable housing for them.

Hartford City is collaborating with a non-profit organization named Journey Home to connect the participants to housing.

Consequently, Erick was housed in a beautiful apartment he named “his penthouse”. He was determined to find a new place to live and he managed to find “his penthouse” despite facing many challenges with help from community programs. At last, he now has a place that he can call “Home”.

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