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Food Pantry Reopens After 3 Years Due To The Reduction In SNAP Benefits

The food pantry reopens after three years to help the people in need and help them with rent and other utilities as well.

August 18, 2023

Fairfax County- A major food pantry in Fairfax County has been reopened after three years and invited people to shop for the food they like. The main reason behind the reopening of the food pantry is because of the reduction in SNAP benefits.

The food pantry named United Community Choice reopened on July 3 in Alexandria allowing people to shop the groceries they like. The food pantry serves 250 families in a week and saw a 300% increase in the last three years.

Due to the decrease in SNAP benefits, many people are coming to the food pantry to get food assistance.

The new food pantry includes multiple new rooms and shelves with the food items customers requested. The food items displayed on the shelves were flour, sugar, and cooking oil. The food pantry also has meats and vegetables.

Besides providing food assistance to low-income families, the food pantry also helps with rent, and utilities, and those who are facing a crisis.

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