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HUD Announces Funding To Address Homelessness in Nebraska

HUD is providing $3.16 Billion to Nebraska to fight the homelessness crisis and to provide relief to homeless people in Nebraska.

February 22, 2024

The Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded an $3.16 Billion investment to fortify the nation in its fight against this critical issue of homelessness through the Continuum of Care (CoC) program competition awards in a landmark move that underscores the Biden-Harris administration’s unwavering commitment to combating homelessness.

Nebraska Field Office Director Kitty A. Amaya presented two ceremonial checks at a press conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 8, 2024, to local leaders for the city of Lincoln and the State organizations serving Nebraska’s rural areas run by the University of Nebraska Lincoln- Center for Children, Families and the Law (UNL-CCFL). Director Amaya brought to light the importance of addressing homelessness across various community settings and stated, “But we all know that homelessness is right here with us in Lincoln. It is no less deadly and no less intractable an issue.” CCFL, the leading agency for the state’s CoC received more than $10 Million for enhancing and improving the city’s rural areas capacity so that it can provide shelter and services. The Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor-Baird and CCFL Senior Project Director Jeff Chambers were also presented at the ceremony to highlight the local’s dedication to leveraging these funds effectively and collaboratively.

Likewise, Omaha’s city leadership and the metro area continuum of care for the homeless (MACCH) was also given a $5.8 Million award. They brought together some of the key figures such as Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert and MACCH Executive Director Jason Feldhaus. This funding will be used to reinforce the efforts within Omaha or other metro areas to offer program services that range from immediate shelter needs to long-term housing solutions, marking a crucial step in the mission to end homelessness in Nebraska.

Though HUD Great Plains Regional Administrator Ulysses Clayborn was not present he added his thoughts and said, “While we saw rises in the overall rate of homelessness in Omaha based on the 2023 Point in Time count data, we are urgently responding to the need in the community, getting these historic levels of grant funds in the hands of our local partners. I also want to thank our extraordinary partners and volunteers at MACCH who have helped with the 2024 count and making sure that our unsheltered neighbors in the community are heard and we are informed by their lived experiences.”

The Biden-Harris administration providing these funds along with HUD is more than a financial allocation. This action of the administration and HUD depicts their commitment to eradicating homelessness in communities across Nebraska. The strategic investment in Lincoln, Omaha, and their surrounding regions aims to provide immediate relief for homelessness while establishing a foundation for sustainable, long-term solutions.

Mayor Gaylor Baird, “This is a magnificent moment. We are thrilled that a portion of the homelessness assistance funding announced today will be directed toward the operation of Lincoln’s first city-owned permanent supportive housing.”

Along with the housing, the city of Lincoln will provide wraparound services to homeless people so that they can get off the streets and back on their feet.

HUD and its partners are setting a precedent for a future where secure and stable housing is a reality for all Nebraskans by strengthening the partnership between federal, state, and local agencies. Besides this, HUD along with its partners also focussed on actionable outcomes.

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