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HUD To Celebrate Success By Visiting Rock Hill Housing Authority

HUD officials pay a visit to Rock Hill Housing Authority to commemorate and acknowledge their achievements, highlighting their success in the housing sector.

August 17, 2023

One of the nine housing authorities to receive funding and conduct radon testing is the Rock Hill Housing Authority (RHHA). RHHA visited Columbia Field Office Director Kristine Foye on June 30 and presented a $600,000 check to celebrate the new funding.

RHHA also provided a tour of the office including its other properties. An insight was provided by Dwayne Alford on how RHHA is making use of the funds it has received. At the RHHA office, the first destination, FOD Kristine Foye delivered a grant check for radon testing and mitigation. With this funding, 337 ground units will be tested which in turn will impact 472 housing residents within the housing authority.

Dwayne said, “There still remains much to discover about radon. Today’s funding will provide the authority the opportunity to secure the technical expertise necessary to develop and execute a radon testing plan. The funding will allow us to educate our public housing community and the community at large about radon and its effects. And finally, this funding provides the housing authority with another tool to ensure our customers are living in homes that are decent, safe, sanitary, and in good repair. We do want to thank Secretary Fudge, and her staff who were instrumental in reviewing our application and selecting the Rock Hill Housing Authority for this grant opportunity.”

RHHA Jobs Plus Center is the second stop of the tour. Under HUD’s Jobs Plus program, RHHA was awarded $2.3 Million to support work readiness and connect residents with education, employment, and financial empowerment services. RHHA opened a Jobs Plus center with the funding. RHHA has also partnered with other agencies such as Clinton College and many others to offer classes and additional resources to assist in employment.

The tour came to an end by visiting RHHA’s future projects and current properties within the suburban areas of Rock Hill.

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