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HUD To Lead Eastern Kentucky Housing Challenge To Improve Housing Conditions

A HUD team takes the lead in addressing the housing challenge in Eastern Kentucky, aiming to find solutions and improve housing conditions in the region.

December 22, 2023

There were more than 300 attendees gathered at Picturesque Pine Mountain State Park Lodge for attending the federal partners convening and forum hosted by the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation.

The local government, non-profits, and community partners working in the Kentucky counties of Harlan, Clay, Leslie, Knox, Letcher, Perry, Whitley, and Bell attended the convening. The involvement of federal partners in the event created a valuable opportunity to foster collaboration, enhance capacity, and build relationships by linking the Community Network with specific federal and civic counterparts.

The event also introduced a new signature project assigned to Rural Partners Community named East Kentucky Housing Challenge. The Rural Partners Network is a White House Initiative led by USDA Rural Development. From now onwards, this signature project will be led forward by HUD including two other projects in Western Kentucky and Georgia.

The immediate rural housing needs hovering around capacity building, infrastructure development, gap funding, and energy-efficient housing will be addressed by the HUD’s Office of Rural Housing and Economic Development along with the Louisville Team.

Senior Management Analyst from HUD’s Office David Railet addressed the audience to tell them how the team will provide customized approaches including detailed action plans, technical assistance, and other resources.

The agencies participating in the East Kentucky Housing Challenge include the Veterans administration, department of Labor, department of Energy, social security administration, HUD, and FDIC.

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