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HUD To Provide $2.7 Billion Funds To Florida To Help Them Recover From Disaster

HUD stands as a steadfast partner in the arduous journey of recovery following disasters in Florida, offering support and assistance throughout the process.

August 2, 2023

Florida was hit by a Hurricane last year due to which, its recovery will be assisted by $2.7 Billion in HUD funds. It is the first time that the affected countries are receiving the funds directly all thanks to the new strategy of HUD to allocate the funds faster wherever they are needed.

An announcement was made this year in March regarding the establishment of the Office of Disaster Management within the Office of Deputy Secretary and the Office of Disaster Recovery within the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD).

HUD teams also recently visited Sarasota County, Volusia County, and Orange County to provide the grantees with a point of contact and to assist grantees with subject matter experts and ongoing training to help manage the funding. In addition to the direct $652.3 Million funds, an additional $97.8 Million was given for mitigation which equals $750 Million for all three communities.

The first step would be to submit an action plan keeping in mind the guidance from a Federal Register Disaster Notice. The communities will continue to outreach for the potential uses of the funding while the notice is published. The grantee will have six years to implement and commit the funding once the plan is approved and the agreement is signed.

A local disaster team is assigned by the Jackson CPD Division to focus on providing the CDBG-DR grantees with subject matter experts to look after grant management and offer technical assistance with this new funding.

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