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New Upgrades With Lots Of Improvements For Hundreds Of Families At Mirador Las Casas

The rehabilitation work is going to start at Mirador Las Casas with a lot of improvements and upgrades.

August 11, 2023

Anticipating fully renovated homes, residents are excited about the Mirador Las Casas upgrades, including new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and improved plumbing and electrical systems. Additionally, they are eagerly looking forward to the addition of a computer room, a revitalized basketball court, and redesigned walkways.

An investment of $96.2 Million will be allocated to the 294-unit apartment complex in San Juan from a combination of permanent tax-exempt bonds, and 4% Federal low-income housing tax credits generating $26 Million in equity including funds from Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program. It is expected that the rehabilitation will get completed in 24 months as announced by Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi.

Due to the 36 vacant units, rehabilitation work is being carried out within the same project. Once the rehabilitation is completed, it will have 16 units for people with functional diversity out of which 3 will be for citizens with hearing impairments. Besides this, the 291 units will be supported by the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Contract.

The ceremony with the rehabilitation work was attended by the HUD members from the San Juan Multifamily Program Office who are available for the desired assistance until the renovation of 21 buildings including two, three and four bedroom units gets complete.

The project enhancements encompass a wide range of improvements, such as infrastructure upgrades, the installation of a new main sanitary sewer, replacement of the primary and secondary electric power systems, upgrade of the telecommunications infrastructure, implementation of a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system, installation of an electrical photovoltaic (PV) system and emergency power generator, the addition of a 15,000-gallon drinking water storage tank, and implementation of a hydro-pneumatic pressure system.

There will also be a new building for administrative offices and recreational spaces to support residents. A new gymnasium and resurfacing of 300 parking spaces will also be included in the upgrades.

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