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NSPIRE To Improve Housing Conditions In Puerto Rico

NSPIRE, a housing inspection protocol, extends its reach to Puerto Rico, aiming to improve housing conditions and standards in the region.

August 11, 2023

Get Ready NSPIRE Series” was provided by HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) in Spanish for the first time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The main responsibility of HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) is to improve housing quality by performing accurate, credible, and reliable assessments of HUD’s real estate portfolio. The main priority of the new NSPIRE model is health, safety, and functional defects over appearance.

Two training sessions were provided by the NSPIRE team in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The training conducted on February 22, 2023, had a hybrid format, allowing participants to attend virtually through the Zoom Gov platform for those unable to be present in person. It also offered live Spanish translation. The second session on February 23 was conducted entirely in person and delivered exclusively in Spanish.

HUD San Juan Field Office Director named Efrain Maldonado welcomed REAC Deputy Secretary Ashley Leia Sheriff Jose Alvarez and presented HUD’s current work focussing on HUD’s strategic goals and national initiatives.

There were 81 in-person participants and 500 participants joined the sessions via Zoom. There were officials from Public Housing Authorities, multifamily property owners, management, inspectors, and maintenance teams.

The REAC team along with other officials went on site visits in San Juan after the training to put into practice and demonstrate the new NSPIRE inspection model.

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