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WHA Assists Individuals And Families With Covid-19 Vaccines And Healthcare In Waterbury

WHA is making sure to provide vaccines and desired health care to the residents and families having younger children.

January 12, 2022

HUD’s Hartford field office is conducting outreach to subsidized multifamily properties, public housing communities, and other HUD-assisted residents in the Waterbury Area to ensure that the residents have access to Covid-19 vaccines for children, adults, or those eligible for boosters.

The Waterbury Housing Authority (WHA) also partnered with local health providers and community groups to bring vaccination clinics on-site to make sure the residents and families have access to vaccines and health care.

These partnerships involve a variety of activities, ranging from simple clinics conducted by healthcare providers to engaging events like Family Fun Days organized in conjunction with Grace Baptist Church and the Waterbury Police Activity League. These events feature attractions such as bouncy houses, face painting, food, and entertainment, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

The original focus of the WHA was on the elderly adults first due to which, the first clinic was at the Bergin Apartments. Additionally, the residents were also contacted by WHA at three elderly developments and the Waterbury Police Activity League. The residents that did not have access to other sites were also given transportation assistance as needed.

Once seniors were given access, the focus of WHA shifted to family development. The health department and community partners went door to door, spoke to residents, dispel vaccine misinformation, and answer the questions residents had regarding vaccines and Covid-19. By doing so, the department eased the concerns of people.

The WHA Focussed on younger residents in December and hosted events when the vaccines were approved for children aged 5 and above. This month, WHA is emphasizing booster clinics. The first booster clinic is scheduled for January 18 for the elderly.

HUD Hartford Field Office Director, Suzanne Piacentini said, “This was a joint effort by community partners who made resident safety a priority. Our thanks go to everyone who helped make these efforts a success, including Property Management staff who helped rally tenants to get vaccinated, and maintenance staff who helped set up and clean up for all these events. These clinics were truly a community effort and we are proud of the work being done by our partners to keep residents safe.”

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Last Updated: September 20, 2021