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Department Of Veteran Affairs Connecting Service Dogs To Veterans To Reduce Suicide Rates

The Department of Veteran Affairs aims to bring the suicide rate among veterans down by connecting the veterans to the service dogs. 

November 3, 2023

Atlanta- As per the data released by the Department of Veteran Affairs, nearly 17 veterans die every day by suicide. Fortunately, Lilburn, a non-profit foundation, has been working to reduce this number for more than a decade with the help of the dogs. 

Unfortunately, at present, they need funding. Otherwise, they won’t be able to serve the veterans throughout the remaining year. 

A U.S. Army Veteran named Antonio Merriweather served in Iraq. He experienced anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse after leaving the military and there came a time when he could barely get out of bed. 

The veteran was taking antidepressants but there was still something missing. The missing piece later on turned out to be a dog for him. He adopted a dog from this foundation and his whole life changed after that. After adopting the dog, he noticed that his mental and physical health improved and he was able to fix a lot of relationships. 

From its start till now, the foundation has managed to help more than 400 veterans with service dogs. However, the foundation is lacking funds due to the pandemic. 

The dogs are given the training so that they pair with a veteran. That veteran is living proof that this program is helpful for the veterans and is instrumental in healing them. Consequently, the foundation is urging people to donate to the foundation and help them raise 50-thousand dollars by Veterans Day. 

Join the adoption event on November 4th held in Georgia to adopt one of their dogs. 

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