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Department Of Veteran Affairs Opens Up A New Clinic For Veterans

A new medical clinic has been opened up to provide health care services to military veterans and make them feel at home.

August 8, 2023

A new medical clinic has been opened by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in Frederick County and welcomed its first patients after relocating from Stephens City.

The medical clinic offers plenty of services under one roof and will be opened in other localities as well as it keeps on adding facilities.

The new medical clinic is built on 22000 square feet and serves a rising number of military veterans in the Winchester Metropolitan area. The medical clinic also has primary care providers, therapists, and a physical therapist.

Nearly 12,800 veterans are eligible for receiving the care in the medical clinic and 5000 veterans have already been served in the clinic.

The primary aim to build the new clinic was to modernize VA treatment facility standards. The clinic features 31 exam rooms for offering therapies and primary care to veterans. Some other treatments provided by the clinic include physical therapy, audiology, and optometry. A parking facility is also available at the clinic.

The veterans feel like being at home at the medical clinic. The clinic is also planning to provide a separate place for screening for veterans.

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