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Department of Veteran Affairs To House 41,000 Veterans Experiencing Homelessness in 2024

The Department of Veteran Affairs is working on helping homeless veterans secure permanent housing along with wraparound services for their families.

March 15, 2024

Wilmington, DE- The veterans who are homeless or experiencing the risk of homelessness are requested to call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans. Besides this, the veterans can also learn about the VA Homeless Programs website to get information about housing initiatives and other programs for veterans experiencing homelessness.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has announced its 2024 goal which is to prevent and end homelessness among veterans today. The Department of Veteran Affairs in the fiscal year 2024 will place 41,000 veterans into permanent housing, ensure 95% of veterans do not return to homelessness, and engage with 40,000 veterans to obtain housing and other wraparound services.

The top priority of the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Biden Administration is ending veteran homelessness. Fortunately, the number of veterans experiencing homelessness has fallen by nearly 5% at the outset of 2020 and by more than 52% since 2010 all due to the efforts made by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

VA Deputy Secretary Tanya Bradsher who announced these goals today at the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center said, “Even one Veteran experiencing homelessness is a tragedy.

We’ve made progress in recent years in tackling this problem, but there’s still a long way to go — and that’s why we’re setting these aggressive goals. We will not rest until every Veteran has a safe, stable place to call home in this country they swore to defend.”

Bradsher further added, “Whenever we get into contact with a homeless Veteran, our priority is to get them into the housing they deserve. Then we work to provide them with the tools they need to stay housed — including health care, job training, legal and education assistance, and more. That’s how we’ll meet and exceed these goals in 2024.”

The Department of Veteran Affairs has taken aggressive action to combat homelessness in recent years. The efforts made by the Department of VA include:

  • Permanently housed more than 46,000 veterans,
  • Gave homeless veterans access to health care,
  • Provided legal assistance to homeless veterans,
  • Awarded more than $1 Billion in funding to help homeless veterans
  • Assisted more than 145,000 veterans along with their families to retain their homes or avoid foreclosure.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has also partnered with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Due to this partnership between HUD and VA, Veteran Affairs has convened 10 National HUD-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Bootcamps in which local VA homeless program staff along with the Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) participated in a two-day intensive workshop to improve coordination and quickly rehouse veterans. The HUD-VASH program helped around 21,000 veterans exit homelessness and obtain permanent housing along with supportive services during 2023.

Besides this, the Department of Veteran Affairs also announced specific goals for combating homelessness among veterans in the Greater Los Angeles area. The Department of Veteran Affairs provided 1790 permanent housing placements to formerly homeless veterans in Los Angeles, the most of any city in America, and exceeded their goal by over 19% during 2023. The Department of Veteran Affairs plans to build on that progress in fiscal year 2024 by:

  • Providing permanent housing to at least 1605 veterans experiencing homelessness.
  • Engaging with 2184 unsheltered veterans to help veterans obtain housing along with other wraparound services for themselves and their families.

The efforts made by the Department of Veteran Affairs to combat veteran homelessness are mainly to reach out to homeless veterans, get an idea of their needs, and lastly, address their needs. These efforts done by the Department of Veteran Affairs are built upon the “Housing First approach”.

The ones looking to obtain additional information regarding the efforts the VA is making to combat veteran homelessness can reach out to the official website.

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