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Homeless Veterans To Receive Medics Care

Iowa National Guard Medics is providing much-needed medical care to the veterans and the veterans who are at risk of homelessness. 

October 19, 2023

Cedar Rapids, IOWA- On Sept. 7, the 134th Ambulance Company from Johnston traveled to an event in Cedar Rapids using field medical ambulances to demonstrate their support and care.

At the Veterans Memorial Stadium, IOWA National Guard Medics supported the 17th annual “Five Seasons Stand Down”. The event is an excellent resource for veterans and others experiencing homelessness. 

There were community members from all corners of the city out of which, some were living in tents and some were living in urban shelters such as bridges and parking garages. Some veterans also lived in community-supported shelters or were at a high risk of homelessness. 

Inside the stadium corridor, over 70 local governmental and non-governmental organizations set up tables to offer services ranging from haircuts and employment counseling to medical evaluations, free clothing, and food.

The medics are duly trained and check the vital signs of the veterans. The medics fastened blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters to the veterans and listened to their heart rates. Veterans also exchanged stories about their service experiences. 

There are over 30,400 homeless veterans nationwide according to the Iowa Department of Veteran Affairs. No doubt that the number has decreased from previous years but veterans are still represented and are at greater risk of homelessness than others. This risk might be because of the heavy weight of duty and service veterans have carried. 

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