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Jobless Rate Among Veterans Fell To Lowest In US In 2023

The unemployment rate among veterans has decreased and is at its lowest mark in 2023.

January 19, 2024

Unemployment among veterans is at its lowest rate in more than 20 years but work is going on to put former service members into occupations that are a good match to their skills and experience.

According to the data collected in the past years, the jobless rate among veterans in the United States was 2.8% which is the lowest since 2000. Last year, the average unemployment rate was below 3%.

In December, around 261,000 veterans were unable to find full-time employment for themselves due to which the veteran unemployment rate stood at 3% which is still below the national average.

Veterans who served post-September 2001 have the highest unemployment rate among veteran groups at 3.3%, according to the bureau’s categorization. In comparison, the average unemployment rate for veterans from an earlier era, including World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, was 3.1%. Gulf War-era veterans experienced a slightly lower rate of unemployment at 2.8%.
A foundation named Hiring Our Heroes has been created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help service members find employment.

The key is to have collaboration between the public and private sectors to support veterans’ transition to civilian employment.

According to nonprofit professionals, more than 450,000 nonprofits serve veterans and their families to help them with employment, medical needs, and financial help.

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