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Los Angeles To House 1790 Homeless Veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs followed a one-team approach that made them exceed their goal of housing homeless veterans.

March 25, 2024

The VA has permanently housed 1790 homeless veterans in 2023 which is the most of any VA in America in Greater Los Angeles. Compared to last year’s total of 1301, this was a 38% increase and fulfilled the VA’s goal of housing 1500 homeless veterans into homes.

One of the veterans housed in Los Angeles in 2023 was Marine Corps Veteran AL Landfair. It is one of its one-of-a-kind emergency shelter programs in West Los Angeles with nearly 140 homeless veterans living in individual climate-controlled shelters.

A former barracks guard and mortarman who served in the Marine Corps became a truck driver after leaving the military. Later on, he worked with the Department of Veteran Affairs to access housing.

Landfair said, “The people at VA are here to help you and guide you with all of the resources you need. I’m so excited that I get to be independent again”.

Veterans like Landfair have been the primary focus of the Department of Veteran Affairs in Los Angeles. The numbers reveal that veteran homelessness has increased by 7.4% in large part due to affordable housing and the end of COVID-19 eviction protections.

Still, significant progress has been made toward ending veteran homelessness. The number of veterans experiencing homelessness has declined by 52% since 2010 in the United States.

Deputy Medical Center Director John Kuhn said, “Making this goal means the lives of 1,790 Veterans have been profoundly changed. In addition to the Veterans lifted out of the trauma and degradation of homelessness, Veterans’ partners and children who may have been part of that household also now have homes.”

It was not easy to exceed this goal. Kuhn also added that Los Angeles is one of the nation’s most expensive housing markets and lacks the supply of affordable housing.

Many unhoused veterans have significant health and mental issues and have to deal with discrimination and other challenges to secure housing. However, the Department of Veteran Affairs and federal leadership provided the desired resources to address these challenges. With the continued support and dedication of VA staff and community partners, the unhoused veterans will be given a place to call home.

Los Angeles Department of Veteran Affairs has also exceeded its two other goals of veteran homelessness which include maintaining a 90% housing retention rate and being able to engage with around 1888 unsheltered veterans. The housing retention rate in 2023 was 97.5% and LA VA engaged with 2184 unsheltered veterans.

Much of this year’s success is attributed to the one-team approach, an initiative started by Kuhn in 2023 to integrate VA and its community partners to get veterans into housing as soon as possible.

VA and its partners have also implemented enhanced tracking, frequent case conferencing, streamlining care plans, and improving bridging between programs along with other endeavors. This has allowed the team to serve more veterans in need.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) program houses formerly homeless veterans and provides case management and supportive services.

VA has been able to house more than 46,000 veterans in 2023 and engaged with 40,000 homeless veterans to ensure veterans stay in the house and do not return to homelessness.

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