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More Funds For The Mental Health Of Veterans In 2024

The Department of Veteran Affairs is planning to allocate more funds towards the mental health of veterans in 2024.

October 20, 2023

Alabama Department of Veteran Affairs announced more funds for the mental health of veterans for the next year. 

The veterans mental health crisis and suicide among the veterans has become a growing problem in the state. Fortunately, adequate funding from the state in key areas can make a significant impact on reducing this number. 

Consequently, the biggest hope for the next year is to fund the state’s crisis. The moment the veterans dial the crisis helpline number, it will take them to the specialized services that deal with PTSD or traumatic brain injury. 

In the recent meeting, it was revealed that the crisis line received nearly 53,000 contacts, and out of this 23% of calls were from the veterans. 

Since its launch, the crisis line has not received adequate funding yet. Later on, a bill was proposed to fund the crisis line to $69 Million a year but it failed to become a law. 

As per the Department of Veteran Affairs, veteran suicide rates are 57.3% higher than others. Nearly 6146 veterans committed suicide in 2020 with suicide being the second leading cause of death. 

Besides this, veterans are also likely to become addicted to opioids compared to the general population coupled with instances of mental health issues. Another hope would be the state giving funds to the veteran treatment courts. 

Veteran treatment courts were launched in 2011 and were immediately successful. There have been talks going on to introduce legislation to fund the veteran treatment courts statewide. 


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