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Rep Simpson To Expand Veterans Access To Dental Care

The VA is coming forward to help veterans suffering from chronic conditions and improve their overall health. 

October 4, 2023

 Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson co-sponsored the veteran’s early treatment for chronic ailment resurgence via the Examinations (VET-CARE) Act last week. As per this legislation, the Veterans Administration has to place a four-year pilot program providing dental care for veterans suffering from certain chronic health conditions. 

Rep Simpson said, “Our veterans deserve access to high-quality health care services – and that should include dental care. The VET CARE Act empowers the VA to meet our nation’s heroes’ needs and drives down the overall healthcare cost. As a former dentist, I am proud to cosponsor this legislation and expand access to dental care for our veterans.”    

At present, only those veterans who can access and take advantage of dental care who are 100% disabled or have direct service-connected injuries. The study conducted on this reveals that regular dental care helps to alleviate certain chronic conditions which in turn reduces the overall healthcare cost. 

Increasing access to preventative dental services would ensure healthy veterans and bring those costs down as the VA spends most of its healthcare costs on treating veterans with chronic ailments such as diabetes or heart conditions. 

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