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Stanford Health To Collaborate With VA To Improve Health Care Among Veterans

The Department of VA and Sanford Health is committed to providing health care to current and past veterans.

October 13, 2023

The Department of Veteran Affairs has recently announced that Sanford Health among 13 community healthcare systems has pledged to share data to improve the health care among veterans. 

The VA and 13 Community Health Care Systems strive to improve veterans’ care by exchanging care information provided and requested, saving money for veterans by taking advantage of the available community resources, and connecting veterans with VA benefits such as new benefits for toxic conditions under the PACT act. 

VA will also safeguard the privacy and security of veteran information by exchanging information between the care provided to the veterans and the care requested by the veterans. 

Paul Weckman, Head of Military and Veteran Affairs said, “It is a privilege for us to care for our veterans, and this collaboration will help provide a better healthcare experience for the men and women who have done so much for us. We wholeheartedly support the VA’s goals of improving care for our nation’s veterans because it is the right thing to do.”

Sanford Health is dedicated to providing exceptional care and employment opportunities to current and past military members. Sanford comes up with programs designed to meet the care needs of the current military members. 

Besides Sanford Health, there are other healthcare systems that are partnering with the VA including Jefferson Health, Rush Health, Marshfield Clinic, Intermountain Health, and so on. 

The data-sharing pledge aims to benefit veteran patients and their providers by reducing financial burdens for veterans. 

The VA and signatories are committed to developing capabilities supporting three objectives: accurately identifying veterans seeking community care, connecting veterans with VA and community health resources (emphasizing services reducing out-of-pocket expenses), and efficiently coordinating care for patients enrolled in VA health benefits, which includes exchanging information about requested and provided care.

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Sanford Health, VA share data to improve veteran health care – Sanford Health News

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