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U.S. Veterans To Turn To Psychedelics For Getting PTSD Treatment

The veterans in the U.S. are sent to Mexico for treatment and to combat the suicidal thoughts running through the mind. 

November 21, 2023

The suicide rates among American service members and veterans are alarmingly high, with estimates suggesting that nearly 17 veterans take their own lives each day in the U.S. Many of these individuals suffer from post-traumatic stress and severe brain injuries, and traditional medications have often been ineffective in treating these conditions.

A growing number of veterans suffering from PTSD are seeking healing through psychedelic-assisted treatment in Mexico, despite these substances being considered illegal by the U.S. government. This alternative approach has gained popularity among veterans who have not found relief through conventional treatments.

One veteran named Herb Daniels having spent four years in active combat said that he faced darkness and it started to consume him. 

Herb Daniels said, “As I watched more of my teammates…more veterans start to take their own lives, I realized that that’s an option”. 

A veteran struggling with suicidal thoughts had a plan to take his own life but was saved when his wife’s flight was delayed, giving him more time to drink. When she arrived home, she found him passed out with the gun on his lap, preventing him from carrying out his plan.

Daniel found out about VETS after committing another suicide attempt. It is a nonprofit organization that gives grants to veterans so that they can go to Mexico to start their treatment that is not legal in the United States. 

The veteran said, “It gets the job done…flat out. Traditional approaches are very difficult to solve those problems.”

Daniel and his wife assist the veterans now to get the help they have been looking for by helping them reach Mexico for treatment. 

Daniels also reported that it is disappointing that the veterans are not able to get the healing from the country they fought for. He said that it feels like they are abandoned once the veterans take off their uniforms. 

Daniels experienced a range of emotions and tears started rolling out of his face during the session. The 10-minute experience felt magical from the start. 

The experience there transformed Daniel and freed him from the pain. 

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