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US Veterans To Get Major Health Boost

A new agreement has been made to enhance the medical journey of US Veterans and get a major health boost.

January 11, 2024

Thousands of United States veterans are poised to benefit from a new agreement that will provide them access to Singular Health Group’s innovative 3Dicom software, based in Perth. This deal is expected to substantially enhance their medical journey.

The first enterprise order for 3 Dicom in the US along with the 5000 licenses purchased by Techworks 4 good on behalf of American veterans has been locked by Singular. It will enable the veterans to upload and share medical records from their 3 Dicom patients via online, desktop, or mobile applications.

Singular’s device allows dentists, surgeons, and radiologists to convert MRI, CT, and PET scans into immersive 3D images. This gives an insight into a patient’s medical problems and enables better surgical planning.

Singular Health Group has made a commercial agreement whose specifics are confidential, but the company has disclosed that the revenue from this enterprise sale surpasses its 2023 direct-to-consumer sales of the 3Dicom software by over 40 percent, which amounted to about $50,000.

This order was facilitated through Singular Health’s new US distributor, CG1 Solutions. Based in South Florida, CG1 is an information technology firm operated by veterans and service-disabled veterans. The company specializes in creating and implementing augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile applications in the defense and healthcare sectors.

The initial purchase order is meant for more than 36,000 veterans in Miami Dade County despite 18 Million nationwide veterans in the U.S.

US veterans transitioning from active service to civilian life find it challenging to adjust their living arrangements which in turn impacts healthcare.

3Dicom, a software developed by Singular Health Group, enables veterans to digitize, carry, and share their medical records using their mobile phones. If medical images are received on CD, they can be uploaded into the 3Dicom Patient desktop software, where they are converted into 3D images and shared through Singular Health’s medical record file-sharing system.

This system connects to the 3Dicom Patient mobile app and web portal. In 2022, 3Dicom received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for sale in the United States, where the medical imaging market was valued at over $1 billion two years prior. That same year, the company also finalized regulatory requirements to enter the American market by appointing CG1 Solutions, a US-based firm, as its sales agent.

It is expected to increase the need for medical imaging and enhanced portability among the veteran community along with the introduction of the Veterans Health Care Freedom Act To Us Congress last year.

It is a good thing to document the range of troubles experienced by service veterans and anything that makes their lives even a little bit better.

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