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USDA Supports Veterans Start Their Careers In Agriculture And Succeed

USDA is coming forward to help struggling veterans start their careers in farming by providing them with the required funds and resources.

July 26, 2023

United States veterans have faced many hardships to protect our country and its values by putting their own lives at stake. Reentering again into civilian life upon the completion of the service is quite challenging for veterans.

Operating under the USDA’s Office of Partnership and Public Engagement, the Military Veterans Agricultural Liaison (MVAL) plays a vital role in assisting veterans nationwide in securing positions that contribute to the preservation of America’s food supply and ensure its safety.

Recently, the MVAL has also partnered with USDA grantees to provide farming and ranching training to veterans and to keep them updated with the opening opportunities in agriculture.
The Adelante Center for Entrepreneurship in Illinois is entrusted with the responsibility to connect veterans, Latinos, and other underserved communities to urban agriculture. The 2501 grant is being used to provide training in urban farm system setup and operations.

Likewise, Ho’ola farms in Hilo, Hawaii has served veterans since 2015 while working with the MVAL. The Ho’ola farms provide training and hands-on experience to veterans, first-time responders, their families, caregivers, and their communities in agriculture.

The funds given by USDA are used for providing training, resources, and support to more than 100 veterans in the last eight years. Some of the veterans have also started their own farms.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), veterans must have the tools and opportunities they need to start their careers on a farm and succeed. The USDA is making veterans aware of diverse programs and opportunities to take advantage of.

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