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USICH To Hold First Council Meeting And Discuss The Ways To End Homelessness Among Veterans

The USICH recently convened its inaugural council meeting, featuring the White House’s newly appointed Domestic Policy Leader, fostering collaboration on crucial domestic policy matters.

August 22, 2023

Biden’s new director of the Policy Council, Neera Tanden attended the latest meeting of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness led by Veteran Affairs Denis McDonough. The federal leaders got the updates and discussed the key implementation dimensions of All In The Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness at the quarterly meeting.

The Biden administration has taken major steps to address the homelessness crisis and implement strategies emphasizing moving people off the streets into homes by expanding access to housing and other services. The recent work to end homelessness includes the All Inside initiative, a $500 Million investment by HUD in new vouchers and grants, and HUD’s investment of $2.8 Million in CoC. In addition to this, there was increased funding and new policies including a housing choice voucher for low-income veterans and youth. Integrated Behavioural Health was also announced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for unsheltered populations.

A new goal was also announced by VA to help more than 38000 veterans transition from the streets into their homes. The federal actions to make it easier for the veterans to access and maintain housing were also discussed by the council in the meeting.

Veteran-focused strategies include increasing coordination between VA and other agencies, providing information to military service providers, building partnerships across federal, private, and state entities to expand housing, providing guidance for housing instability, and supporting the expansion of VA partnerships to help veterans with legal problems.

The meeting attendees included Director Tanden, Secretary McDonough, Vice Chair Xavier Becerra from the Health and Human Services Secretary and Council, Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman from HUD, CEO Michael Smith from AmeriCorps, Administrator Deanne Criswell from FEMA, and representatives from other federal agencies comprising USICH.

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