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Veteran Faked Need For a Wheelchair To Get Additional Benefits

Stultz was imprisoned for a period of five years after it was found that he faked using the wheelchair during all these years.

January 27, 2024

Concord, N.H.- A veteran in New Hampshire has admitted that he faked the need for a wheelchair for around 20 years to get $660,000 in benefits which he was not entitled to receive.
U.S. District court on Thursday found Christopher Stultz, 49 of Antrim, guilty of making false statements. He has faced imprisonment for a period of six years.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed that Stultz claimed that he was not able to use his feet due to which, the Department of Veteran Affairs rendered him 100% disabled and increased his monthly benefits. Not only this, he was also given money to buy and adapt special cars.

But Stultz was found walking normally on multiple occasions. He used a wheelchair inside the VA Medical Center in Boston in 2021 but the moment he left, he stood up, lifted the wheelchair in his car, and walked to various stores. The next year also, he did a similar thing after leaving Manchester VA Medical Center.

Some witnesses also revealed that they had never seen Stultz using a wheelchair.

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